Thursday, October 28, 2004

Say Hooray, Say Hooray, Say Hooray

(it's Enya, that should be all you need to know)

Big news today: I am now a signed up member of the Audio Engineering Society. It was mostly to get access to the journals for my project. There is a reason for not using my university library, and I'm going to quote an angust-fuelled (and therefore slightly edited) e-mail I sent to my parents on the matter:

Gee, this research thing is so much FUN! I've been looking for articles from the Audio Engineering Society journal from between about 1959 and 1998. Not only do our university file them all under JOU for Journal (not surprisingly, quite a big section), but after searching for quite a long time I found out that it was in the T area of JOU because it's the "JOUrnal of THE Audio Engineering Society." Gosh, darn it, I feel so thick.

I may have pointed out to the staff that this could have been noted in the library online catalogue as it wasn't too intuitive and they looked at me as if I had three heads. I then may have mumbled a suggestion that they could simply file everything under B for Books (or would that be T for "The Books?"). Quite apart from that, it turns out they only keep the AES journals for 5 years so the earliest they have is 2001.

I should point out here that I actually think my university's library is actually one of the best things. When it comes to the books, if you can actually find them amongst the thounsands that they have (and that is more down to the Dewey Decimal system making people confused about whether music technology should be in the music part, the computers part of the engineering part - and that's before we get into acoustics which can often be found with the architecture stuff) they have a great selection and they generally have more than enough copies for the students that need them. So it's not all bad, honest.

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