Friday, November 26, 2004

Choir Recording Part One

And it all started off so well… We picked up the equipment from uni, got it to Huddersfield and set some of it up in Michael’s living room to set up a Logic document with all the band parts that were already recorded and space for the choir. Get the equipment to the church, and it’s the band for Sunday morning which are rehearsing and not the choir.

So tomorrow we will record a choir which has not heard this arrangement of the song before.

And we have to do it in two hours (because the guy in charge of this project is then going to record another song at a studio with a different group), and we have to have it mixed and mastered for next Friday.

I’m just hoping that I can easily keep track of everything that’s going to be recorded tomorrow; for every bit of recording we do there will be seven tracks (we are using seven microphones) so every time we have to go back to replace a bit it’s another seven files to keep track of later on when we come to assemble all the good bits into one place so that we can mix it.

Preliminarily, then, I may not get much work done next week. We are due to finish recording the choir at around 12.30pm today, then recording our convolutions for reverbs should take us up to 2pm. Back to Leeds (however long that will take) then look at arranging all the choir parts recorded today into one thing which sounds like a single performance which should take things well into Sunday. Then we need to get studio time at the university to mix the thing and take it to my flat for mastering then burn Cds to pass on to everyone that needs one. It’s all starting to feel a little like Band Aid but without the charitable aspect.

More coming tomorrow on this one….

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