Sunday, November 28, 2004

Choir Recording Part Two

Well it all seemed to go ok. They spent one of our two hours learning the arrangement and the other hour recording. In the end we recorded six passes (the song six times through) with 7 microphones for each pass, so I now have forty-two tracks of vocals on the computer for us to pick the best from.

Then we need to mix it.

I got back to Leeds, courtesy of a lift from Michael, then ate some junk food from KFC then had a lie down listening to Brian Eno (well, Brian and Roger Eno and Daniel Lanois to be exact, for t’was the album Apollo). I’ve just finished putting all the tracks into one Pro Tools file so it’s ready for Mike and I to go through it all and work out which bits are best.

Yes, it’s going to be one of those weeks… Tomorrow I’m not going to listen to it – the whole piece is only two minutes and thirty seconds long and has a tendency to stick in the head after repeated listening.

I may try to put an MP3 up of this when it’s done.

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