Thursday, November 11, 2004

I've heard it rains down in Africa

Mmm… no posts for a couple of days. Things have been a little busy but not always with proper work.

On Sunday we had decided to go into Leeds, get some lunch then study for most of the afternoon before having a coffee and coming back to the flat. The first two bits went quite well, but then one of my flatmates found out that there was a preview screening of Bridget Jones 2 on that evening and tickets were still available. Now to put things in some kind of perspective here, I live with two people: Karla and Malek. They both wanted to see the next Bridget Jones instalment quite a lot, so it’s It was a reasonably funny film actually but I’ve only been to see a couple of films in the cinema which I knew I didn’t like as I was watching them (Titanic and Pearl Harbour) so perhaps I am easily pleased from a movie point of view. So that afternoon didn’t quite go as planned and I spent the remainder of the evening doing some music work.

On Monday my parents were coming by on their way back home to Scotland after a weekend in Chester. It was great to see them and we had a lovely meal out, and we met again for breakfast on Tuesday morning.

On Tuesday evening I went to see Tom Baxter who was playing a gig at our student union. I had been working at the studio as Tom was working on his first (and so far only) album, and had kept in touch with Oli who plays violin and did the string arrangements. It was a great gig and I recommend that anyone who can get to one of the dates on his tour (see the website) goes along as they are playing fairly intimate venues. The music is in a kind of Jeff Buckley/ Damian Rice/ David Gray/ Nick Drake area.

While that is a run down of what I’ve been doing lately, there isn’t much in the way of thought/ humour… it’s been too busy with work really. Tonight we are going to attempt to do our first reverb effect for group work. If it works then things should go quite well. We are going to create an acoustic model of a room and then hopefully the computer will be able to simulate the effect of any sound being played in that room without us having to actually be there, that’s the theory anyway.


Anonymous said...

Are you still doing the misheard lyrics thing? If so - what is the real lyric for this - as I thought that these were the correct lyrics. How many times can I say 'lyric' in one sentence? X

Matthew Cochrane said...

Well, it's not the lyric to "Africa" by Toto. I just wanted to get the song straight before a big arguement after a long fight we had in the flat about whether Eric Prydz' "Follow Me" was sampled from Steve Winwood's "Valerie" or some obscure Phil Collins track which my flatmates did not know the name of.

Anyway, Africa: Googling various sites quickly I've found "I passed some rains down in Africa," "I bless the rains down in Africa" and "I've blessed the rains down in Africa." From sheer weight in numbers I'm going with "I bless the rains..." after listening to it again. So that's what it's supposed to be.