Monday, November 29, 2004

Like a Bridge Over Trouble, Walter

Another one of those nothing-really days. I did a bit of work on the choir stuff this morning, putting all the tracks of vocals into one big Logic document (so now it’s ready to mix in Logic AND Pro Tools depending how we feel – the main difference being that Logic will happily play all 50 tracks at once and Pro Tools can’t).

There are however, other happenings. First of all, a public get well soon to my friends who are ill in some kind of way (you know who you are) and anyone else reading this who happens to not feel a hundred percent perfect at the moment.

Reason 3 is about to be released which is quite exciting (for me at least) but not without a little controversy. Reason is a piece of music-making computer software which I use rather a lot and I am hopefully on the list to possibly beta test it later this month. Someone (it looks like a PR person who messed up) accidentally leaked some information about it to Sound On Sound magazine who printed a short article in the news section of their website. By the time I caught up with things after this weekend, the article had been removed and the Reason users forum was full of messages along the lines of “if there are only two new devices then I’m not really interested.” I think the trick here may be to wait and see what is in the finished program; my main hopes are for the ability to easily change tempo and time signature during a song – new toys are always nice though.

Also in the world of music, the children who sang on Pink Floyd’s “Another Brick In The Wall Part Two” are trying to sue for royalties. From a BBC News article, it seems that the children sang at the studio with permission of their music teacher but not the head of their school. The headmistress wanted to distance herself and the school from the song and so the children did not appear in the video and have remained fairly anonymous since. Anyway, now they want some money (probably to pay off student loans which are still accruing interest).

To end for now I’m going to skip to the last page. If you think of the internet as a series of pages that is constantly being added to then there is probably going to be a last page somewhere, but there is some dispute about where it actually is…

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Anonymous said...

The "Another Brick in the Wall" childrens' chorus? Aren't they the ones who sing, "The Dukes of Hazzard's in the classroom..."

Gabrielfully yours,

Mac Cat, Director of Coffee