Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Merrily, Merrily, Merrily, Merrily; Life’s A Butter Dream

Another weekend over with already. Karla is now well and truly up and about – back at university and things, even eating solid foods. Malek is… still the same. However he did have the joy of babysitting a four-year old last night (son of a friend from uni), and that he did it for free worries me that he may also be ill in some way.

Monday was spent mostly working at the university during the morning. The university actually bought a firewire audio interface after we pointed out how useful it would be for our group work project and we spent some time testing it out. It will be given a more thorough testing this weekend when we take it to Huddersfield where we will record the choir which I’m actually quite looking forward to. It’s going to be an arrangement of the “Calypso Carol,” and Michael (the bloke from the university I’m working with on this) already has most of the guitars and percussion done. So the plan currently is to go there on Friday evening for the rehearsal and set up microphones and things, then simply turn up on Saturday morning to record and we’ll be hopefully be done by the mid-afternoon.

For the rest of the week it looks as if I will mostly be finishing off the book on writing a dissertation (which references many other books about writing dissertations – getting a bit like holding two mirrors opposite each other there) , then reading a book on conducting interviews with people for the next phase of my individual project.

Have you ever been proud and embarrassed about something at the same time? I had one of those moments earlier today – we were in the Starbucks near the flat making some recordings for Malek’s music-related project (don’t ask; it’s arty) and there were a couple on one of the sofas kissing, etc. I wasn’t very subtle about integrating the words “get a room” loudly in to our conversation and they left soon after mumbling something about jealousy on our part and no doubt later casting aspirations on our parentage. It was more or less at this point that I felt proud and embarrassed at the same time, looking deeply into the newspaper I was reading to avoid people seeing that had turned a rather fine shade of scarlet. I could see my cheeks and I’m thinking it was somewhere around pantone 032 or there about. Perfect.

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