Saturday, November 06, 2004

There's No Lights On The Christmas Tree, Mother...

In Leeds city centre the street-side Christmas lights are lit; the button was pushed by a Radio 1 DJ apparently. Oddly the Christmas lights on the large Christmas tree in the centre of the town still seem to be unlit. That’s my excuse for referencing the Sensational Alex Harvey band today.

It’s weird how bonfire night turned out. It brings something out in people because apart from the basic standing in a park going “ooh,” and “aah,” appropriately there isn’t actually a lot of drinking involved. The effect of this is that there are a lot of students doing the Otley Run this weekend to inject the all-important alcoholic element to the weekend. The Otley Run is the local pub crawl – stretching over roughly a mile and a half of pubs from the student area of Leeds into the city centre. There are no real rules about which direction you should be going, although the common one is to end up in the city centre because there are more likely to be places open there by the time you get there. It’s a pint in each pub but you can substitute a double spirit instead on two occasions by way of a “break.” Inventive students often do the run/ crawl in costume and my reason for bringing this up was seeing four blokes on the bus dressed as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and a girl dressed as Splinter (their mentor in the kids cartoon). They were doing the Otley Run. I’ve not actually been involved in doing one yet and I’m actually quite grateful.

Now it’s evening and the air is thick with the smell of gunpowder and burnt stuff in the air as most of the larger firework displays are happening tonight. This morning, for some reason, there were six or seven fireworks going off in quick succession which is a little odd in broad day light. Perhaps they were trying to use them up before the best before date or something.

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Jonathan said...

Do fireworks have a best before date, I wonder?