Sunday, December 19, 2004

Back in Scotland for a while...

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I'm back at home in Scotland now. My kind father got up a ludicrous hour this morning and drove to Leeds then drove back with me; the original plan had been that my brother and his girlfriend would give me a lift back but they then changed their plans and did't come down. The way thing worked out was one of these plans made to replace other plans which doesn't always make much sense when you try to explain it.

Anyway, we arrived back in Scotland - which was looking a little white with snow - and went to see the pantomime which my parents have been helping out with organising for the last few months - my Dad as techie/ stage fixing type person and my Mother doing costumes and actually appearing on stage as a background peasant and... ummm... a chicken which lays golden eggs. I did check with my Gran and she hasn't done anything yet in the same league in terms of parental embarrassment to my mother: wearing a chicken outfit which she made herself clucking along as the two comedy lead characters taught the audience a song near the end of the performance. Of course she wasn't doing it simply to embarrass me (I don't think so anyway) but because she was talked into it by the director/producer team - "if we get her to play the chicken then she can make the costume herself." But both my parents seem to have put a lot of work into the panto and it went very well.

Anyway, I long ago promised a photo or two of the Christmas decorations in our flat and I am now able to link to them so here it goes.

I'll be doing more updates when I am a little more awake and feeling like I am actually in some kind of reality again.

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Anonymous said...

I wonder if *my* mum knows about any of this yet :-)

Upon reflection, she probably does it's just that I never get *told* any of this stuff when it's happening and if mum happens to read this I'll probably get told it's because I don't call often enough.

As for the parental embarrasment, well, I reckon you're lucky with the ones you've got...

Hopefully see you at New Year (at least I *think* that's the plan)

Douglas M