Thursday, December 16, 2004

The boys in the NYPD choir will sing in Colwyn Bay.

Ah, it feels like ages since I did any updates here. As expected it’s been a somewhat busy week, First of all my flatmate Malek has been under stress as he tries to do 2 months work in 2 weeks. I had been helping him out on his music projects – one the basis that as I know the music programs fairly well I’d be faster at getting the results than Malek would be if he was learning it as he went along. So that was how it was for two late nights in a row, the first one as we put the thing together and the second as I explained to Malek what we had actually done as he wrote an essay about it. He handed it in today so now that is out the way.

I’m not saying that I have been avoiding my own work but in the last week I have baked little oat biscuits, made mulled wine, tidied my room, sent Christmas cards to the fine folks down at Real World and bought Christmas presents for both my flatmates. Hopefully the tidy room will make packing to go home on Saturday morning (I’ll be packed for Friday night, is the plan) easier. The plan is to do a little drinking tomorrow as well…. So we’ll see how that goes. Saturday night I shall be appearing by the panto in Biggar, manning the bar probably.

As I write this wind outside is blowing the rain hard at the windows – especially the skylights at the top of the stairs and I feel disinclined to go outside tonight.

Before I sign off for now, I have taken photos of our Christmas decorations and will upload them when I get time. If you are very lucky, I might even upload Malek’s music project as an MP3 for a Christmas Treat to remember…

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