Thursday, December 09, 2004

Feed The Welsh

(during the making of the original Band Aid, one of the artists asked why they were wanting to feed the Welsh)

Sometimes you have a particular thought every time you visit a certain place or smell a certain thing or whatever and you only remember that thought when you are back in that place or smell that smell somewhere else. I bring it up because I remember looking at one of the large flat-panel advertising screens in a rail station and thinking that it was almost like the large advertisement screens in the film “Blade Runner.” Anyway, whilst in a supermarket tonight it was taken to a new level for me as a lorry went passed which had a large plasma screen on the side advertising Halo (a nearby night club) and a car behind which was playing the soundtrack for the advert loudly enough to be heard outside: it even had that grainy, line texture of the advertisement flying things in Blade Runner and it was a bit strange.

This week I have been mostly doing speedy mixes of Sons Of Thunder stuff and watching Buffy on DVD. The Sons Of Thunder are a Christian rock band which some members of my family (my Mother’s sister, her husband and their son) play in. Back in Spring of this year I recorded a concert and I’m still in the process of mixing it in my spare time. They needed a rush job done on some of the tracks because they have recently acquired a new keyboard players and I was the only person with some recordings of their songs.

This weekend I am going to make up CDs to send to people I may be collaborating on songs with (I’m hoping they might help me finish something), Christmas cards and do my interim reports for university so I can go home for Christmas and they can think about what I’m doing rather than me. On Friday night one of our friends from our first-year flats (which wasn’t a hall of residence but it was a block of flats with just but students in it) is celebrating her birthday so there shall be another night of drinking, but not too heavily because there is a lot of work due in next week…

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