Monday, December 06, 2004

(Here's To You) Raise a glass for everyone (Here's to them) underneath that cummerbund

(same song as last time)

It turned into a fairly busy week towards the end. The program I’m using for making music with just now requires that I have all the equipment plugged in before I start it up, or it simply refuses to work. Recently it’s been refusing to start up at all even with the equipment plugged in, so I’ve been trying to solve that problem (re-installing things, changing cables around, switching bits on an off). Also we had one of those Friday evenings where you go out for one drink (pound a pint – more accurately £1,10 a pint – at the student union) during the afternoon and found ourselves still out at 10.30pm. Still at least I was back by midnight; Karla had been having dinner with a friend, they then watched Dirty Dancing 2 and she got back not long after me; Malek got back at around 8am the next morning and hadn’t been to bed so Saturday was a slow day for him.

On Sunday Malek and Karla had planned to go a large Asda, which is a short drive from here. I had planned to download some bits and bobs for work at the university (where there is no download limit and CD burners). We met back at the flat in the evening and Karla drove us out towards Otley for lunch/dinner. Now, I don’t get this Sunday roast thing – it wasn’t something I grew up with, it’s never something I find myself craving in order to make my Sunday complete, but the other two don’t always feel the same way and Malek in particular seems to find that at times nothing else but a roast will hit that particular spot. So when we arrived at the place Karla had recommended (and it did look fantastic – nice Christmas decorations, large log fire, wide-ranging menu) and found that they had neither the Sunday roast dinner or the Christmas roast dinner, we asked if there was anywhere nearby that might still have some rather than order something else. So we moved on to the place we suggested and it wasn’t bad but not great. On the plus side it was the first time I had ever tried pheasant which is something I had wanted to do since reading “Danny The Champion Of The World” as a child.

On the way back the car in front of us suddenly put on hazard lights and pulled over. Karla waited for cars on the opposite side of the road before pulling passed and as is customary we looked to see what had happened, expecting that perhaps a tyre had blown or something, and saw a man carrying what appeared to be a comatose dog. It was one of those images where you only have a tiny glimpse illuminated by hazard lights: you can’t know what happened before or after, and you don’t know anyone involved but it sort of sticks in your head for a while.

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