Sunday, December 26, 2004

A mac-less week

It’s not been too funny for this last week. I brought the mac back home, and on Saturday evening (after writing that last blog entry) an update for the Apple operating system (OS 10.3.7) appeared. After installing it I restarted my computer and… nothing happened. It just sat on the startup page for about 20 minutes or so before the screen switched itself off. I didn’t bring my system discs back home so I was up wossname creek without a whogemaflip. It’s the first ever serious problem I’ve had with my Apple computer (now almost 6 months old).

Luckily my brother’s housemate also has a Powerbook so I was able to borrow her system discs to get my Mac going again. I had to wait a week until we were in Perth to collect David (my brother) to bring him back home for Christmas though – hence: no updates this week. Since fixing the mac by re-installing everything has worked really well.

Christmas luckily seemed to go well. We didn’t have much family over or anything – most of them are coming today for a large non-Christmas meal (which means we can eat stuff we actually like and enjoy with no pressure that we have to have a certain thing because it is what you do at Christmas). We were lucky enough to have snow on the ground here in south central Scotland for Christmas, although we didn’t actually get any fresh snowfall that I saw it is looking very Christmas-card like outside.

Anyway, more blog very soon. Things are just too packed with stuff just now! That seemed suitably vague. I hope all you folks reading this for whatever reason had a really good festive period and you all have a lovely new year.

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