Thursday, December 02, 2004

Tonight thank God is there instead of you

(this is actually one which I had misheard for ages until the arguments over who would sing that line in Band Aid 20 were mentioned in entertainment news)

So Band Aid 20 is doing well, selling 10,000 copies on the first day. It doesn’t look like it will approach the original though, which sold 750,000 in the first week. had a good idea about this single: it’s a tough one because the new version of the song is awful (it wasn’t that great a song anyway really) but the point is to make money for a very deserving charity. So the idea is to buy as many copies as you can afford and then destroy them so that the song doesn’t have to be heard in the future. If you want to do this, are asking that you e-mail photographs to them showing the inventive ways you found to destroy your CDs. Also to do with Live Aid: good on Apple for finally agreeing to sell the new version of the song on the iTunes store. There had been problems because Apple only wanted to sell the song if it could apply it’s normal price of £0.79 and Band Aid wanted £1.50 per song, so Apple agreed to sell it for £0.79 and add £0.50 for every song sold.

I suppose one way to do it would be to buy the song from Apple, then deleted it any buy it again. Then send a screenshot of your Recycle Bin/ Trash to At least with it selling so well it means that we don’t end the year with the Eamon tune “F**k it (I Don’t Want You BacK)” doesn’t end the year as the best selling single.

So, yes, Christmas has hit our flat. Advent calendars are on top of the fridge (the microwave used to live up there but we had to remove the microwave after Karla set it on fire, despite suggestions that we could just stoke it with logs and roast chestnuts on it) and our first wave of Christmas decorations are up. This may be an excuse to post my first photographs on here, as I work out how to.

The choir stuff is finished! Actually it didn’t end up being much of a problem to me. Michael (the guy I was working with on this – and it’s more his responsibility than mine) worked for a while on Monday and Wednesday in the studios at university mixing the Calypso Carol and it was passed on to the relevant people last night. I still plan to mix it myself (I can’t really put his mix up on my blog – it’s to be broadcast so the copyright thing could be a problem) and hopefully do a version in surround sound just because we can right now.

Work has been continuing on university stuff, but we have had a couple of nights off in the last couple of days. On Tuesday we went to see “The Incredibles” at the cinema. It was the first time I’ve actually seen a Pixar-made movie on a big screen and it was excellent – I highly recommend it, very funny and great animation.

Last night, we (myself, the flatmates and a few other friends) went speed dating en masse. This wasn’t proper speed dating, but a charity event hosted by our university to raise money for the Terrence Higgins Trust – and it was World Aids day yesterday – so the organisation was a little free form but it was a laugh. At least it was for me… not many blokes turned up and (for one reason or another) everyone I was with had been hoping for nice men to talk to. I think I was the only one from the group who would be willing to do it again sometime. Ach well, on with the uni work now.

(extra little note: I've started using the Firefox browser. With more and more websites simply not working when I use Safari on my Mac, and now it does work so this has been really good)

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