Saturday, February 12, 2005

Ambient Food

Today's title came from a Safeway till. I'd bought something that was on display rather than on a shelf and when it went through on the till it appeared as "Ambient Food." This gave me a series of odd mental pictures - carrots hanging in mid-air (like Alanis Morissette's "transparent dangling carrots"), the vague smell of baked beans, the suggestion of bread in the air.

Gosh… so late that it is getting early. It’s been an odd week. I’m getting on with writing the dissertation before the end of it is actually fully formed in my head. I had a plan for how to actually go about storing audio data for a long-term, and I’ve sent it to several people (mostly around Real World) to ask what they think of it so I can use their comments and suggestions.

On Wednesday I visited London for an AES students thing.(You’ll remember the AES – my university library files their journals in an odd way.) This was an event where industry professionals were going to come and talk about the way things seemed to be going, what sorts of jobs were available out there right now, that kind of thing. I travelled south by train, leaving Leeds at around 10am and arriving in London for 12.30pm and returned the same day, getting back to Leeds at 10pm. London was… well, much as it was the first time I visited, which was at a similar kind of year and also on a busy weekday (I know, every day is busy in London). On the plus side I did get to the Apple store in Regent Street to have a look at the new toys.

The new Apple power supply arrived on Tuesday morning. I want to big-up Apple for this because according to the postmark it left the Netherlands on Monday morning. That is pretty speedy. I sent my broken power supply back on Thursday so hopefully now I will not be charged for the new one.

To go back to London with my narrative for the moment, I’m used to avoiding people who aren’t looking where they are going in large crowds. I know that I take a speedy and slightly random route through large crowds, so I try to pay attention to where people are and not walk into them. In London the crazy people expect that you won’t, and alter their course accordingly. So, I am walking along a moderately quiet pavement, a woman is crossing the road and running because there is traffic coming (I mentioned this was London, there is ALWAYS traffic coming). If we both carry on moving then the woman was going to run into me, so I stop walking until she gets to the pavement, but she has also changed her direction to avoid where she thinks I will be and ends up nearly running into me anyway because I’m suddenly standing still when I was expected to be walking. There is no getting around some people.

While I was away the Brit awards happened - happily Maroon 5 and both Beddingfields received nothing, but what was going on with Angels getting the best song of the last 25 years? And since when was Joss Stone (which isn't her real name, by the way) an Urban act? In fact, why did no non-white people win anything?

On Thursday night to celebrate the first night in over a week that Malek has not been out partying with friends, we all went out for dinner and a drink. Just the one (drink that is, we are poor students but not so poor to buy one meal between all of us) and we were back by 11pm, which was a record for Malek so far this month.

The bedroom is now getting to the point where I could conceivably waste time tidying it again, so I think I shall do it quickly just now before bed…


Anonymous said...

Thank you! I too was wondering what was going on with Joss Stone winning the best urban act. Hello? White girl from Devon? I don't think so... What is her real name then? Also interesting that no non-white people won anything.

Also - am I the only one that didn't sob my heart out to 'Angels'? Am I the only woman who doesn't want this song played at her wedding? Best song of the last 25 years is a bit rich - it just feels like this is so narrow-sighted (is that a word?)

Beddingfield and Maroon 5 issue negotiable :)


Matthew Cochrane said...

I don't know Joss' real name. Maybe she could have received Rural Act (south-west division) as it would make a change from The Wurzels getting it every year. And the award (da-dum tshhhh).

No, not all women loved "Angels" and some men did but not all of them either.

I have it from a fairly reliable source that Beddingfield the masculine may not be much longer for our pop chart (I'm forecasting him being dropped from the record label, not killed).

Eleanor Groves said...

I'm glad you clarified that. It did sound a little like an ominous threat. I can see the tabloids tomorrow:

"Barmy Blogger to Bump off Beddingfield"