Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Fun and Games in Dissertation Land

I actually had someone ask the other day why I hadn’t updated the blog in so long – a sure sign that something had gone wrong somewhere (cheers, bro!). So what exactly have I been up to lately? Mostly writing the thesis thing and sending lots of people e-mails asking for help and things. Most people have been really helpful, or the e-mail has bounced. I also had a cold/flu thing (mostly cold, see me not over-reacting?) that put me back a few days in terms of work as concentrating was pretty difficult. I also did another all-nighter recently, this time helping with Photoshop-based work. Joy of joys. However, the benefit is that I now know my way around Photoshop much better than I did before.

There have been various debates. Just now, when I talk with friends at university we tend to avoid the work as a subject of discussion and so we have the latest toys from the NAMM show (this’ll be on my Christmas list to Santa this year – I think I might send it now, the Elves are going to need to be working over time on this one), the lovely OQO computers , whether Bono has actually had a tempo-synced delay unit fitted to his vocal chords as well as the operation that made him black and white (well, when was the last time you saw him in colour?), and the relative merits of Fightstar who play at our students union tomorrow. We had tried to go, but were not able to pool enough contacts to get on the guestlist and, frankly, we do not want to pay. For those not in the know, Fighstar are the heavier and more mature band that is now a full-time job for Charlie “Busted” Simpson. We were going to go for sheer comedy value (“to laugh at them”) but as this “we” has shrunk to just me, I’ve decided not to go; Emo played by 19-year olds still isn’t likely to be my thing any time soon when it’s not being laughed at with a group.

Anyway, I’m back to that other writing for now. I shall try my bestest to keep up to date with you all.


Eleanor said...

SHAMLESS PLUG!!!! So you mentioned your student union... oh yeah that reminds me - my dvd has been accepted by SUB TV (you know the one that plays in the student union bars) and will start screening next week. It's a 12 minute long thing called 'Streets of Brighton' END OF SHAMLESS PLUG!!!!!

Matthew Cochrane said...

I did look for it but I didn't see it.