Saturday, February 12, 2005

Other websites are available

Today I’m going to make a collection of links to sites of people I know, or just interesting websites.

First of all, I still haven’t posted where you can find me on Audioscrobbler – it’s here:

Dom has got several sites on his go – mostly to do with a project called The Mindset of which he is a part
The Mindset:
The blog of The Mindset:
And Dom’s own brand-spanking-new blog:
(You will need to have an MSN account to get into this - like Hotmail or MSN Messenger or whatever)

Jonathan also has a blog, but he hasn’t written much in there for some time (mind you, he does have an actual job so that is excusable). Be warned, this blog is kind of a political soapbox, but I’m sure he would appreciate a good argument via the comments area on the blog.

2sides 2everything is the current working title for the follow up to “1 Giant Leap” which was a DVD/CD project from Jamie Catto and Dunacan Bridgeman. Jamie is making a blog as he goes along at:
The 1 Giant Leap site is at:

This is the Urban Dictionary – if you have some time on your hands just keep clicking on the random definitions as it can be quite an education.

I found this during surfing once – it’s called and eschews the flash design of many other sites to basically mess with your head a bit. I haven’t been through it all fully but it’s quite amazing

And lastly for anyone else who is boycotting Nestlé (I am) until they sort out their various promotional activities in Third World countries - which includes giving Africa doctors money and other incentives to promote their powdered babymilk and advertising chocolate in Russia saying that it will make you more intelligent - here is a list of all the products they make so that you exactly what it is that you shouldn’t be buying:

If there are other sites I've forgotten about which you feel it would be worth plugging here, please let me know - or do it yourself in the comments section.

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