Saturday, February 05, 2005

Quick pause for a computer change.

After six months of travelling around with me most places – and (I suppose) almost constantly being switched on the power supply for my Powerbook has stopped supplying power, so once the battery has run out that’s it. So this, like my dissertation, is temporarily being written on the PC. The PC had been living in Malek’s room since just before Christmas which he was using to do some work on. When I got it back there was about 2GB of free space on the hard disc (and it’s a 60Gb hard disc…) so I’m currently having a clear out of illegal cracked software, scanning for disc problems, and defragmenting. Apple are kindly sending me a new power supply, and then I shall send my old one back.

The dissertation work sits on a CD just now, ready to be copied and worked on further. You’ll have gathered, dear reader, that I actually started writing the dissertation recently but it’s not a huge file yet. As the dissertation takes as it’s subject the long-term storage of computer-based audio and other data files, I rashly suggested that I might try to keep my dissertation in a state where it could still be opened, edited and reprinted in 10 years time; obviously I have to still hand it in before then though.

So whilst I’m at the PC, I dug up an old CD ROM and tried to open my work from High School. The S6 (final year of high school for you people that didn’t do the Scottish education system – I was aged 17-18 at the time and it was 1999-2000 so it’s only just coming up to 5 years old) work opened ok – it was a Microsoft Word document and even opened fine on the Apple Mac version of Word; but the work from S5 fared less well as it was completed in Microsoft Works 3. Microsoft Word opens Works files, but only version 4. So… to open them I shall have to open them in Microsoft Works 4 (which does open Works 3 files) and resave, or export them as Word files. The omens for keeping the whole dissertation for 10 years isn’t looking that great – but it’s much better now I’m using a very common word processor. I wouldn’t hold out much hope for getting at the stuff I typed at primary school in WordStar 6 for DOS 5, or indeed the stuff from the BBC Model B and saved on five-and-a-quarter-inch discs.

This weekend Malek and Karla have gone home to visit family/ friends and Leeds is grey… I would include a photo to demonstrate exactly how grey it is, but such is it’s sapping-qualities that I look at it and can’t be bothered to do anything much.
So my next move will be to go to the supermarket to stock up on food for the rest of the weekend, and the next couple of days will be mostly typing. On Wednesday I’m going down to an AES (Audio Engineering Society) conference thing which should be quite interesting, but it does mean that I don’t have much chance of getting any work done on Wednesday. Still it’ll be fun to get out of Leeds for a while, especially if it’s still all grey.

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