Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Right about now, the frogs all rubber. Check it out now, the frogs all rubber

We were set to make a recording of ambience (crowd noise) at a rugby game over in Bradford, and were somewhat worried when last Friday we were asked if we could please contact Sky television to check they were ok with us recording there. Of course, I don’t follow rugby much and hadn’t known that most Bradford Bulls games were likely to be broadcast. As soon as I heard that Sky was involved, I was pretty sure that recording wasn’t going to happen. Well… I don’t know what Michael said to them on the phone but rather than banning us from recording the audio for something they had bought the rights to, they offered to give us a couple of audio feeds from their ambient shotgun microphones. It should also mean that with their co-operation, getting mains power to wherever we will be hidden (touchlines hopefully) shouldn’t be a problem. It does mean that we have to credit Sky, but it’s so nice for a large company like that to help.

We have actually had quite a bit of help from various people on this group work stuff but it tends to be that our problems with the group work are that the sounds aren’t quite what we want. The most trouble we have had has been from the university in terms of getting hold of equipment to record with. With the individual project I’ve sent lots of stuff out but not heard anything back really (although, to be fair, I’ve sent it to very busy people).

I was out briefly on Friday night and have decided that I don’t like a kind of music that has come to the fore recently. I’m not sure exactly how to describe it – it’s all a bit like a cross between New Order and Ultravox with more guitars. I liked Franz Ferdinand when they came out but later stuff like Kaiser (Oh my God I can’t believe, I never had a haircut cost this much before) Chiefs, The Killers, Futureheads murdering Kate Bush, etc. It seems to have started off fun and playful and now it’s just a lot of strutting rock with a few synth noises over the top. I really hate all that’s been attached to it – those people who spent ages making their hair look slightly scruffy and dress like last week’s Observer/ Times fashion supplement. It’s like something that was once about fun has been assigned a marketplace and filled up with people who are suddenly doing the same thing. I had been out at a place filled with such people and I felt awful for thinking it, but I found it really shallow… I’m sure there are some fun-having bands out there but all the stuff I keep hearing (like so much music these days) has been produced and edited to within an inch of not really being a live performance at all.

Speaking of live performances, I saw the horrible Maroon 5 trying to do “She Will Be Loved” live on television and he got most of the high notes completely wrong which backs up my theory that it was fixed afterwards.

Anyway… more work to do before we lose a day on Friday to this rugby recording.