Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Today Has Been Ok

It would be almost an interesting study of humanity to compare student at various levels at this time of year. With less than four weeks to go until the final hand in of the dissertation is a palpable sense of stress amongst us third year students, and looking at how people are dealing with that kind of big deal that hangs over the whole of a undergraduate university career would almost be a psychological study in itself. It’s an odd kind of vague worry – some people tend to ignore it completely and leave it until the last week, some people get odd moments of panic then tend to forget about it for long periods. I’ve been bouncing around moods in a random and slightly crazy fashion – not certifiable, hopefully

I remember various people saying during 5th year at high school that the Highers were pretty much as bad as it was going to get (substitute whatever your own last set of exams at school was – I can’t be bothered writing for several different education systems); that was right in many ways, as at least now all the work is focussed but it is more in-depth than most of us are going to get. Certainly more in depth than most people on my course are likely to need .

I bought tickets to see Emiliana Torrini play a concert in York on the day before my dissertation is due in, working on the principal that even and all-nighter won’t save me if I’m not ready by then.

Tomorrow we are driving to Hamilton Mausoleum and back to record an impulse response in there as it has the longest natural echo in Europe. should be fun, Hamilton is only about 220 miles away… Having said that I’ve been passed that building on the M74 motorway since I was very young and I’ve never actually been inside the place.


meegs said...

you didn't tell me you were going to Hamilton. That is where I was going to live. I have such a good friend there.

well, have a good day

Matthew Cochrane said...

Proper blog update coming later, but I meant to say - the title of that last entry was an Emiliana Torrini song.

I don't think I have any friends in Hamilton that I know of, I never spent that much time there really. Although I do remember when T In The Park used to be held at the nearby Strathclyde Park before they moved it up to Balado.