Saturday, April 30, 2005

How many roads must a man walk down?

Another long and busy week, this time in aid of group work. We were fortunate (a) that it was just a week, and (b) that we had most of our groundwork covered because there was a lot to pull together here from a business plan through to actually finishing our product. 4 days of typically 4 hours sleep or less a night, followed by one night of 12 hours sleep and I decided to go to see a movie this morning. Oddly enough, The Hitch-Hikers’ Guide To The Galaxy was just released yesterday, and so I saw that. And I liked it, but I also liked the radio series, books and even bits of the TV series, so mine is perhaps an imbalanced opinion. If you go to see it yourself, do hang on when the credits start rolling though – if only until the end of the song.

More work now, because the group work wasn’t all that was due in on Friday but it was all that I had finished. Due to the bank holiday on Monday I shall only drop 5% if I hand this piece of work in late, and as it is a spot of computer programming it would benefit from my being awake and sensible to actually finish it. So that is the plan for the weekend.

Weather been unusually hot and sunny here for the last couple of days, but today was warm and damp in a way that I’m not entirely comfortable with. I went to the supermarket to pick up a pizza for dinner at around 8pm tonight and the air was full of smells of the beginnings of student nights out – alcohol, perfume, cheap aftershave, fast food – it’s all quite a lot to take in.

It’s odd to think it’s all coming to an end – each week now is another module or event crossed off the to-do list. Come the end of May, it’ll just be the whole get-a-job, and find somewhere to live where the council tax isn’t too expensive.

Bad taste joke of the week – redefining “Westward Ho” as Charlotte Church (I’m not going to attribute that one, especially not to me).

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