Saturday, April 23, 2005

"A little inaccuracy sometimes saves a ton of explanation."

I've been sent my postal voting forms for the general election and so I've been reading about as many of the candidates as I can, as well as party policy. On the Scottish section of the BBC website they say that Scottish Tory leader David McLetchie claimed that "The Conservatives can achieve general election success by focusing on failings at Holyrood." Might I then suggest that if he feels it is failing, he resign from it? I'm sure they wouldn't be missed, after all at the inception of the Scottish Parliament Scotland was quite happily a Tory-Free zone in MP terms. Or would keeping Holyrood issues until the next SCOTTISH Parliament election be a dumb idea?

(1) we should be voting - especially if you are a woman, because people protested and died in the 1930s to get you a vote in the first place.
(2) we should be voting based on the MP for you area and NOT on whether or not you like the party leader.

Getting away from politics (and why not) after Malek's purchase of a DVD two days ago, I can confirm that although the television comedy Little Britain has some funny moments it has some very dull quarters of an hour (to paraphrase Gioacchino Rossini talking about Wagner). And it doesn't get less dull when your flatmates quote it relentlessly.

And whilst I'm quoting, Frank Zappa: "Art is making something out of nothing and selling it," and Elvis Presley "I don't know anything about music; in my line you don't have to."


Anonymous said...

Hello - guess who!

Remarks read, head has nodded, no further comment from myself - you already know where I stand on the above issues!

I am (technically) following the 2nd point of your advice on voting though - I know my candidate well, and have, in fact, shared a copious amount of booze him in the past!

Nuff said - hope this finds you well ;-)


Matthew Cochrane said...

Yes... I know your feelings on the above. You don't need to know much about music in your line of work either ;-)

Anonymous said...

I do need to know about music when I'm singing along with the radio on the drive in and back!

Fellow motorists, beware!