Friday, May 13, 2005

I knew you were historical from all the books I've read

It’s almost all done now, and that is such a weird feeling.

Karla finished all her work with an exam in the last week, had a night out with some of the girls from her course, then decided to go to a Greek island for a week. Malek and I continued as before, although all Malek’s actual hand-ins have been and gone. Now so have mine, but whilst the other two (one slightly more tanned than the other) go out drinking I’m mostly sleepy just now. It’s been a long and slightly odd week, and I’m half expecting to get a really bad cold or something now because that often happens to me after periods of intense work and things.

Now I don’t actually have much of an excuse to not be going out and being social and things… you know, doing something actually worth of writing about in a blog. Maybe I’ll start soon then.

First up: group presentation next week, end of year show (if you are in the audio industry at all, please come because at the moment it’s all going to be multimedia folks there and it’d be nice to have a reason to hang around there all day – most of the rest of the group work seems to have been geared towards multimedia students thus far). The day after that the social life begins in earnest – a big course night out at Northern Light, followed by who knows what. Lots.

Plus I have some journeying to plan – to Bath and possibly to Birmingham as well to catch up with friends from various bits of my past.

"I'm just... oh God..." - Malek, from the dissertation-writing time.

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