Monday, May 16, 2005

Riding on city buses for a hobby is sad

From the BBC News website: "The US says it is "deeply disturbed" by reports that troops in Uzbekistan fired on unarmed civilians during a protest in the east of the country."

One presumes that the reason for this is that they didn't think of it first?

Despite this bitterness (and who wouldn't be over such horrible reports from a country which, I'm told, is very beautiful in many other ways) I've had a wonderful weekend but now it's back to the last gasp of work. Today we actually heard our surround-sound reverbs working. It was so odd to talk into a microphone and feel the echoes all around.

The plan for this week is: presentation tomorrow, end of year show on Wednesday, and then on Thursday the university proves that (despite claims/evidence to the contrary) given a brewery they can organise a piss-up.

I saw the film Garden State at the weekend - it seems to be about this kind of time of life. You know a little about how the world works, now we have to find out where we fit into it.

After a discussion about the board game Careers today, I found out that there is in fact such a thing as a yellow-bellied sapsucker. Every day is a school day...

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Hey M,

You may wanna check out this site for some more 'alternative' views of the world

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