Friday, June 24, 2005

Arrest this man, he talks in maths

Stuff I wish I'd known before this week:

There was actually a member of the Catholic clergy named Cardinal Sin.

Judging by a recent television advert, the Government are tackling those who commit benefit fraud by sending the Mysterons after them.

Searching for jobs relating to sound engineering are a bad idea. You end up with a ton of manufacturing/ electronics-related jobs where it's necessary for the applicant to have a "sound knowledge of engineering." In Google it's all about the brackets. All the jobs seem available seem to involve DSP (my least favourite option at university, but at least I was one of the 15 people who took it) or programming in C++. Still, it's better than "Audio Typist" which was roughly 75% of what I got for searching for jobs with the word "audio" in the title.

1 comment:

the mindset said...

brackets? i thought it was all about speech marks when searching in google.

now i'm confused.