Thursday, June 02, 2005

Greet the morning under foreign skies.

Of course, moving out in 12 hours was going to be a dumb idea (see previous blog, and re-discover that it’s not me we are talking about here) especially when you are starting off in London. And so it was that Karla moved out today, getting tomorrow at the family home and then the plane to Ghana on Friday.

This has had a profoundly sobering effect on myself and Malek; that bit where the student life stops isn’t so far in the future now, less than a month and counting.

The journeying went well over the holiday weekend. It was great to catch up with some of the folks down at Real World and then with Jonathan in Birmingham. For one reason and another, Birmingham was either something I’d manoeuvred through or around before and it’s not so bad. That I had a sunny weekend probably helped: nowhere looks it’s best on a grey day, except maybe bed.

Still no job happening – the last couple of days were spent, one way or the other, helping Karla pack. There were a couple of nights out as well, but now I need something to do with my time really. Something which pays would be a bonus. After the recent kerfuffle over the frog in the charts, I’m reluctant to go back to making MIDI ringtones. That and the fact that, once you have done the music it’s actually very dull.

Regarding the earlier Westward Ho (Charlotte Church) comment, thank you to the people who emailed with suggestions for “Ho, Ho, Ho” (Sugababes), “Ho Hum “ (Britney Spears) and “Ho the Garden” (Charlie Dimmock).

“Ho-tel California” was pushing it somewhat.

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