Monday, June 27, 2005

One of these shouldn't be here

One of these shouldn't be here
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Malek and I had a wander around the city centre today. I saw this in Borders and laughed out loud. It is so easy to imagine someone getting it slightly wrong, there is an explanation in the caption for the photo so I won't explain it here.

Anyway, we laughed and i thought it was good enough to take a photograph of (my phone does this now, it's come in useful for something).


Anonymous said...

Looks like there should be a book called "Reading For Dummies."

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I don't know about the merits of mixing up 'Singing' and 'Signing', but surely (stop calling me Shirley!) the title 'Signing for Dummies' isn't exactly PC?


Matthew Cochrane said...

Someone pointed out to me that it might be useful for some singers to learn signing - they'd have something to do with their hands (well, something useful to do with their hands) and it would mean that deaf people in the audience could get the full benefit of the lyrical insights.

Anything that keeps Eminem's hands out the front of his trousers has to be a good thing.