Monday, July 25, 2005

I Want Laser

Well it seems a good weekend was had by all - Malek finally got the birthday he wanted where lots of people turned up to drink with him. To the best of my knowledge he is still recovering quietly amongst a pile of half-unpacked boxes and clothing. Karla is likely still gathering all her stuff before she heads of to Japan this weekend - good luck to her if she happens to be reading.

My main reason for the blog today was to give everyone I can a big hint. I don't buy lots of rail tickets from the trainline - maybe one or two every couple of months, but if you actually need to contact them and would prefer to phone them rather than an easily-ignorable e-mail then the phone number is less than easy to find. So, prepare your mobile phone for I have the number and you may need it one day. It is:
0870 010 1296

Judging by how hard it is to find this number on their website I think they don't want people to phone them (and they are based in Dingwall so they obviously don't want people to visit them in person), therefore I suggest that you all do at the first hint of a problem.

I've been waiting for a refund since May, but I'm not bitter oh no.

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Matthew Cochrane said...

Not good commenting on my own post...

It's Goldfrapp - some people asked about the title. If you google that phrase you should be able to find out which song.