Saturday, July 09, 2005

No care in the world, maybe I'm learning

I always forget how much hassle moving is. I had been lulled into a false sense of security because moving the big stuff last week had gone so well. Friday night and I still had a lot to do – Malek had all of his to do so we were both busy with our boxes. After about three hours of sleep each we had to get up again to finish packing and tidying before our respective parents arrived.

The actual move was easy enough – you move all your stuff into a vehicle and go to the next place. Only neither of our vehicles was going to take everything and we had to throw out a lot of stuff – mostly food. I felt awful, I just hope some tramps found it and had a feast (although they then may well have had cholesterol poisoning after that).

Being back home has been slightly odd, especially because there is not room for all the stuff I brought from Leeds in my room at home. So a clearout will be in order, but I’ve not been feeling great this week. It’s funny, I had expected that I’d get ill after handing in the last piece of university work. This is what normally happens, you relax and promptly get a bug that has been waiting for a while to spring on you. I’m approaching two days with this one so I think it’s on the way out now.

This coming week is the graduation – likely the last time to see folks from my course. The week after is Malek’s birthday/ Karla’s leaving party thing. As much as I’d like to, I’m not sure that I’ll see her again until we all meet in Japan as we plan to. We don’t even know when that will be just now.

Suddenly the world feels very big.

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