Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Can I Have My Money Back, Money Back, Money Back...

This deposit retrieval is actually now becoming more trouble than it’s worth.

For the first time we’ve had to pay bills – up until this point, utilities were paid as part of rent, or in the case of my place in Bath we didn’t have gas, paid for the electricity with a specially key which we had to take to a shop to get topped-up with more money. Now that we’ve moved out, the letting agency want proof that we have paid all our bills before they will give us the deposit back. Proving that the gas bill was paid wasn’t a problem, because we’d been paying it as we went along, and the same goes for the phonebill. Only we’d had no electricity bill… and being students we decided not to go chasing after extra bills for ourselves. And no water bill either, but we had actually got in touch with Yorkshire Water (they sent us a customer questionnaire and everything) and they still hadn’t billed us.

Anyway, now I have to set up an account with nPower Yorkshire, then get poor Malek to go to the old flat to get a final reading (although there are already new people living there and they may well be using electricity). In three weeks I’ll be able to close the account again, having given the impression of using a years worth of electricity in three weeks. So then there will be a bill to pay, and it’s almost possible that this bill might be more than we will get in deposit from the landlord. It’s around this point that it stops being funny.

Excuse the dull,moan of a blog today, but I feel better for getting it off my chest.

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