Thursday, August 18, 2005

Extraordinary Machine

I made bread today using my bread machine. I really feel this is the way that futuristic cooking ought to be – you throw all the ingredients in a metal tin thing, close the lid and voilda: a lovely fresh loaf of bread.

I want a version where I can put in a whole onion, 3 chicken breasts, tomatoes, herbs, capsicums/ peppers and out comes… dinner.

Fiona Apple is finally getting to release her album. It was rumoured some time ago that she had recorded one and her record company didn’t like it. About a year ago it was leaked on the internet (I have it myself) and now the record company have decided to release it after all. A good example of why getting signed isn’t always a good thing.

In a similarly down-with-the-big-companies style, Universal have apparently been quite surprised at the interest in Serenity, the movie based on the tv series Firefly. They made 14 episodes and then it was dropped by the Fox Television network. Since then it’s built up quite a following via repeats and a DVD set (which is how I found out about it) and now it looks like the film is going to be a lot bigger than the film company were expecting. It would be great if the success of the film encourages them to make a second series, I much preferred Firefly to Star Trek and look how long that has gone on for.

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