Wednesday, August 17, 2005

I open the door, call up, call up the lift

I’ve posted little because it really feels like I’ve been doing little. I need to sort something out – there are too many choices. I’m in the midst of finally getting through the Sons Of Thunder live album – I have a list of all the songs on my wall and everything. I’m also working on re-doing the music for a production of “Dream On” (a musical version of A Midsummer Nights Dream for teenagers), but there is no rush on this later project because the show isn’t actually happening until March.

On one level I love being at home and getting through all those little annoying things on the computer that I hadn’t had time to do. I have about 4 hours of drum loops to be Recycled (cut into bits so I can change the tempo of them or rearrange them easily) and managed to put all the samples and things I have for the computer-based samplers in one place so it’s easy to find things.

As an incentive to finish some of my own musical projects I’m toying with the idea of trying to sort my ideas thematically and see if there is enough to put some kind of EP together. I’d love to work with a singer/ lyricist/ co-songwriter again but looking through any of the ads looking for musicians in the music press singer/lyricists appear a lot. Especially female singers.

Tomorrow I’m going to try to arrange getting my moped back on the road. It needs to be fixed, MOTed and taxed, and then I need to do my CBT again. And I’m going to go out for a walk even if it’s raining. And I’m turning off my mobile phone because the reception here is poor and I’ve not had a call or a text on it for about a week now – looks like everyone either thinks I have my phone off or calls the landline or e-mails now.

Unrealted from my own whining, my favourite story in The Onion this week has the headline “Evangelical Scientists Refute Gravity With New ‘Intelligent Falling’ Theory.” I don't know if any of the people who read this took the chance to go off and listen to some podcasts. My favourites just now are the Inside Mac Radio show (5-10mins every week day and a 1 hour 20 mins show on Saturdays), Josh In Japan, and the BBC's Go Digital. iTunes or will let you search for them and set up ways for you to listen to them if you want to.

Ken Ray who presents the Inside Mac Daily news had the idea of setting up an e-mail address and asking people to send birthday message to his Mother - the idea being to get messages from all over the world. It was only five minutes out my day, so I sent one adding (as requested by Ken on the podcast) which country it was I was writing from. A few days later I received a thank you message from Ken - apparently they received over 200 messages. I think that kind of gesture for a birthday would depend on who you were doing it for, but it struck me as a nice thing to do and I'm glad Ken got such a response for it. Of course, he had joked at one point about liking pictures of candy, pretty girls, or pretty girls eating candy and someone e-mailed in a picture of a pretty girl eating candy. Maybe if you get a cross-section of people like that...

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