Tuesday, August 23, 2005

No le gusta caminar. No puede montar a caballo

This has been a fun sort of pointless day so far. I’ve been going through old minidisks (unpacking) and found a full copy of one of the LSR Breakfast shows. I worked at Leeds Student Radio around October 2002 – then spent most of November catching up with university work. I was essentially just making up packages of recorded interviews and special effects and things, but I lost all the stuff on my hard disc just after I moved to Bath in 2003 so I only had the main packages which I’d backed up on CD. This minidisk was actually a recording made in the studio during the show, and included near-legendary Shoe Week competitions.

The breakfast show had been supplied with 5 days worth of prizes from Clarks shoes as they rebranded and so we had to come up with a shoe related competition. The producer talked with the presenters and then to me, and one of the presenters came to my flat to talk about what we were going to do. What we eventually settled on was Frank (one of the presenters) playing tunes on his “shoe horn” which people would phone or txt in to guess. Frank did actually sort of play the shoe horn – I got him to twang a ruler on my desk which I recorded and then we played from a keyboard to make the tunes. It sounded quite cheap but it did the job. It was funny to hear the competition again, complete with the sound of Frank opening the “special box” in which the shoe horn was kept.

Listening back, I remember sitting in the studio (generally holding a cup of coffee) and listening in as things went out. I didn’t actually have to be there in the morning but it was good to be there for the few times that something wasn’t obvious about the minidisks of stuff I’d supplied. Also there were a few times when I was there doing special effects on air (mostly by bringing in black boxes to mess with people’s voices). It was also funny to hear some features which, for some reason, didn’t last and wouldn’t even be allowed on normal radio such as “Crack-Smoking Whore Of The Week.”

Whilst I’ve been listening, reminiscing and giggling, I’ve been putting together a CD from the recordings I made on Saturday night. My Dad and I were asked if we could do sound for a friend’s wedding reception, so Dad covered the equipment we needed to borrow and the cables we needed to make, and I did mixing desk duty on the evening itself. The bride and groom (well, the groom at least) had asked if it was possible for a recording to be made but I’ve been taking out all the in-between-song stuff such as people being taught the dances.

Then it’s back to the other two musical projects – Dream On (Midsummer Night’s Dream as a children’s musical which I’m re-doing the backing tracks for) and the Sons Of Thunder Live album which needs mixing.

And getting the moped on the road, and getting a job. Easy.

By the way, this is my 75th Blog. Hurrah!


Anonymous said...

Happy 75th blog!


Anonymous said...

I seem to recall the shoe week as you phoned me asking to go on the radio and win a pair of shoes. I also remember that I whimped out and got Pam to do it.


Matthew Cochrane said...

Well... we didn't always have as many callers as we might have liked. On the show I have on minidisc, we had two people call in. At least one of them sounded genuine.