Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Will you still need me, will you still feed me, when I'm six feet tall

Ah… a late night listening to Cocteau Twins… makes me feel like I should be writing English essays. But I don’t have to. Actually, a friend had suggested that if I wasn’t doing much or simply couldn’t be bothered to write a blog (the very idea…) that I could post old creative writing pieces, given that much of my old creative writing was based on real stuff but made a little more entertaining in a “Three Men In A Boat” style.

I might well do that some time, but for now it’s just this.

Sorry to the people who see both this blog and the myspace stuff, but if you have the time you should have a look at Mitch Benn’s “Everything Sounds Like Coldplay Now” video at http://www.everythingsoundslikecoldplaynow.com/

Next week I’m going to be away – I’m taking the computer and a keyboard (musical one) and some speakers (and some headphones) and whilst my parents are on a little holiday break in Fife I’ll be on a writing, arranging and mixing retreat… only what will likely happen is I will somehow acquire a book with a Greek letter in the title – “The Omega Conspiracy,” “Beta Force,” “Theta Phantom etc.

We’ll see, hopefully it’ll work and so will I.

The bike still isn’t on the road and I still haven’t got a proper job (that last bit will never happen, likely – at least in the eyes of certain older relatives). However there has been progress in both these areas which is a Good Thing. More from me later this week, I suspect.


Anonymous said...
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Matthew Cochrane said...

Just to explain, that last comment wasn't from anyone I knew. It started off with two random compliments and then tried to link you to one of those "cheap meds" sites. So I removed it.