Sunday, October 09, 2005

Look around, knees are brown, and the sky is a hazy shade of winter.

There are many stories, fictional or at least apocryphal, about speeding projectiles stopped by everyday objects: Wendy’s acorn which stopped an arrow in Peter Pan, the soldier whose pocket Bible stopped a bullet, etc. However, a story emerged this week when the case came to court of a woman who had been shot in the crossfire during a gang shooting in London. The bullet did not hit her because it was stopped by the under wire of her bra. I think this should be a major selling point of ladies foundation garments from this day forth – bra under wires can deflect bullets.

That has no relation to anything in my own life – although if I ever need to stop a bullet, having a bra close by will obviously be a help, but only if paired with amazingly quick reactions, and amazing ability with the fiddly clasp things.

In the couple of weeks (almost) since my last blog post I have been involved with a production of An Inspector Calls – doing the sound effects. David had been over for a weekend when Dad had taken a day off to work on the sets, so we ended up spending a day at the theatre. I had been working on some music bits for “Dream On” (joys of the laptop) and took the chance whilst at the theatre to record all the An Inspector Calls sound effects in the there – bells ringing and doors slamming. The set was finished across that weekend, and the first dress rehearsal took place on the Sunday evening, with another on the Monday evening. By this time I had all the sound effects together but was champing on the bit somewhat with regard to which pieces of music the director and producer wished to use for the opening, between acts and for the ending.

Biggar Corn Exchange Theatre is an odd design – the back stage is really a temporary accommodation as you can’t easily get anywhere from backstage without walking in full view of the audience. So, common practice is blackout at the beginning (after what we refer to as the ‘air-hostess’ bit at the beginning detailing fire exits and requesting that no one take photos or use mobile phones during the performance) and the cast run down the sides of the theatre round to the back of the curtains and have to sit there all the time that they aren’t on stage. So we need music to cover this patter of footsteps normally. Sometimes we make a feature of it – for instance in a musical, the cast might enter singing and go straight to the stage for a dance routine before retreating to the wings.

Between the dress rehearsals on Sunday and Monday, and the show opening on Thursday evening more additions to the set were made; meaning another day in the theatre with me mostly doing Dream On stuff, as a rehearsal of the youth show followed that evening. The show ran pretty well without too many problems (apart from a door handle coming off on the second night, but this was swiftly reattached by my father between acts). The final night was tonight and I’m knackered… I already made the comparison over at myspace to playing triangle in a symphony orchestra insofar as you get lots and lots of nothing to do, but you have to keep paying attention or you miss your one little moment. In my case I was actually cuing a couple of lines and the actors would get confused/worried if the sound effect didn’t come.

Anyway, that is a lot of what I’ve been up to lately. Next week I’m hoping that the album-recording thing can happen up in Perth, but I need to make some phone calls to make sure everything is in place for that. Tomorrow we are finally going to go and see Serenity. If you haven’t heard of the TV series Firefly (and I can see why you might not have done, it still hasn’t been shown in the UK as far as I know) it was a great and sadly cancelled TV series. Luckily DVD sales were so buoyant that they were able to get a film deal to tell some of the stories that they never were able to tell in the TV series. It’s safe to say that from a combination of loving the TV series on DVD and hearing such great reviews of the film, I’m pretty excited about seeing it. More so than the latest Star Wars films even.

Anyway, bed time for me now. Oh, I saw from my old blog that as well as almost being at my 80th posting (please, don’t send cards) it is almost a year since I started this occasional babble. Doesn’t the time fly when you are insanely happy? Well, does it?


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