Wednesday, October 26, 2005

"Well, I'd like to know where, you got the nose from"

Ooh, the busy-ness and choices. I have too many projects in progress at the moment. Next week, the recording session in Perth should start (somewhat belatedly, and even then only assuming that the equipment is in place), so work on “Dream On” (first half within a midge’s crotchet of completion) will have to go on hold. Hopefully by the weekend I should be able to leave them a CD of the first half to practise with.

Then there is Biggar Little Festival; the Mostly Mozart project went very well and I managed to record the dress rehearsal (to get a good sound from the stage with no audience there) and the one performance (to get the clapping, mostly) and spent most of the weekend splicing bits together as well as removing car noises, people coughing, etc. Earlier tonight was the dress rehearsal for the Victorian Music Hall show – another one off - to take place on Friday night. It’s not looking great, for a dress rehearsal the ensemble pieces needed work and the bloke playing piano has what I refer to as “lead guitarist syndrome” (which is “the instrument is there and ready to play, so I must play it at all times”), but the individual pieces are good. The way they decided to work for this one, everyone came up with their own pieces individually and the consists each disparate element stuck together with a sing-along medley at the end. Only they didn’t seem to have considered how they were going to join songs together for the medley. Cue the director/producer shouting, “Is there any way we can change the words in the programme?” Theatre manager: “It’s two days before the performance, the programme is printed!” This last minute thing happens a lot. I was getting angry, angrier than anything really needed but sometimes lack of communication and apparent focus can do that to me.

And I found out tonight that someone I new from school is putting on a show and had requested help – obligingly someone at the theatre (the piano player with lead guitarist syndrome) gave them my phone number so I can expect that call soon.

More interestingly (and frankly more fun), I’m involved in what I must, for the moment, refer to as “special-ops” via a different friend from school who is Production Manager on a film at the moment. Like everything else so far, no money but good kudos.

So I’m suddenly going to Perth next week, and oddly enough it’s not all that long since I was last there to see Goldfrapp at the new Perth concert hall. So far as the hall goes, I’m not sure if I was impressed. They were using their own smoke machines and don’t seem to have quite sorted out the smoke machine/ smoke detector ratio yet – the fire alarms went off during the encore and we all had to evacuate. After a while standing around outside we were told that as there was only one song left in the set the band would not be returning to the stage, so we left. Later we found out that the band had gone back on-stage (to a slightly depleated audience) and performed three more songs. If one of them had been Hairy Trees I would not have been pleased at all, but as it is I was merely annoyed that I missed it. Three firemen even carried Alison on to the stage… Ah, well.

I’m slightly worried that maybe no one is reading any more – the only comments I’ve had lately have been people advertising stuff (which is why I removed them), is anyone still there?

Oh, I uploaded some photos from An Inspector Calls on my Flickr account. I could link to the actual images, but that would make this blog post even longer so here is a link to my flickr account and you can all just look around generally:

And (another ooh moment) it's just over a year since I started doing this blog thing. Hurrah. I never had a diary last this long.


Anonymous said...
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Matthew Cochrane said...

And there is why I have to put the weird word verification thing in (don't click on the links, folks).

Anonymous said...

Either there's no link to your flicker account or I'm being stupid!

Matthew Cochrane said...

*Checks the HTML that the Blogger Editor made, fixes it, republishes* Try that again, it should work now.

Anonymous said...

"... is anyone still there?"
No. I'm not "there". I'm here.

p.s. the verification thing is known as a captcha. Stick it in your favourite search engine and see what you get.

Anonymous said...

Still here, still reading - still enjoying :-)

Eleanor x