Friday, November 04, 2005

“‘Fools’ said I, ‘You do not know silence like a casserole…’”

Another Perth-related blog this month (I seem to have taken to doing blogs about once a month – it suits my present activity rate). I write this blog in the newly-refashioned music room of a friend’s house in Scone. Until this morning the music room had been a dining room.

To backtrack slightly, I’m working with Punit on some of his music projects just now around the Perth area. Punit is someone my younger brother and his girlfriend knew via their college and he’d asked if I could work with him on some stuff. I came to Perth on Sunday with my bags of stuff (mostly equipment) and we set up the equipment in the front room of his flat in Perth. He lives in Scone (pronounced “Skoon”, it’s not a cake related thing – I am quite sure that at least a couple of people reading this blog might not know that) but had kept his old flat in Perth as well and the idea was that I could live there and he would come over to work there.

Well that worked quite well for the first week or so, but with my brother about to move from his own flat in Perth to a room in Punit’s new house (confused yet) we decided to move our centre of operations to the intended music room at the house in Scone. Plus it would mean that Punit could work on the creative bits of the music pretty much any time he wanted. Next week that will mean that I’m travelling each day in order to work in my younger brother’s home, which could be quite odd.

The pay is… well just now there isn’t any, but I don’t have to pay for accommodation or broadband. It’s a comfortable little flat with good beds and heating and things, plus I can walk to a shop or a cinema or a train station. I had this discussion with Eleanor on the phone a couple of days ago about how you find yourself planning an exit strategy wherever you live. This isn’t because of any deep-seated desire to vanish and never come back, but you want to feel that you could do if you wanted to. Anywhere with a station is good for this. But it has been nice to be doing things of an evening which aren’t necessarily always computer-related. Speaking of which, lunch is a-calling.

Thank you to all who posted comments on the last proper bit of blog by the way, I was interested to read about CAPTCHA which was invented (at least in terms of name) by Carnegie Mellon University and stands for Completely Automated Public Turing Test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart if anyone is interested.


Anonymous said...

An exit strategy?
Err, no. I don't think I've felt the need for one. At least, not conciously.
Could it be an age or renting thing?


Anonymous said...

C'mon folks, own up... did anyone not know how to pronounce "Scone" (in the sense of the Scottish town)?


Matthew Cochrane said...

I know some friends (of mine, not people who are just well disposed in general) are in the USA and some parts of England. There might even be people looking at this from MySpace who could be from anywhere. I wouldn't to put their names on a register or anything...