Monday, November 14, 2005

The Shape Of A Pear

So, after just over a year and a half of use my poor Powerbook's hard disk would be appear to be on it's death bed. I only hope that A) I can get my old university work and song files off it, B) my kind brother carries on letting me use his computer so that I'm not swamped in e-mail when I get my computer working again.

So if I'm not replying to messages quickly, that's why. Meanwhile I'm having to watch a lot of TV and read books when I'm not working just now as I have no way to play DVDs, MP3s (I didn't bring any CDs with me) or compose music in spare time. Still, I'm at home this weekend for a little while so I may bring the X-Box when I come back to Perth next week.

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Matthew Cochrane said...

I had thought that BT would be up for the Pointless Bureaucracy Award this year for their “if you have any problems with your phone line, call us on 0870…” but Apple may have put in a late winner with their e-mail telling me about the details for how/when they are going to fix my computer. Maybe they had guessed that I would be able to access the Internet with another computer.