Wednesday, December 14, 2005

I licked a bird the other day

I got the Apple back last week - it was waiting in my room when I got back from Perth and I spent most of Thursday and Friday installing stuff on it again. A lot of that was just locating all my user details for licencing software and things, it gave me the idea of keeping all that stuff in one big text file (not a Word document because then I wouldn't be able to read it without installing Word).

Anyway, I've been quite busy since then, for it was panto week last week in Biggar ("Oh no it wasn't," etc. - I'll give you all a moment). I missed the first night which had been apparently sold out to Scouts, Brownies and the like; when the bell rang at interval it was apparently inaudible over the din. The first night I attended went really well, and during the next day I messed about with a few of the sound effects. On the third night I was shadowing one of the people doing props who wasn't going to be there for the fourth night so I was going to help out. I'd never really been backstage for a full show before so that was interesting. Alas, everything went completely wrong on that night: the till broke down at the bar, the keyboard connections to the sound system were a bit wrong (partly to do with the musicians replugging everything), the actors had moments where they either lost their lines, parts of costumes (memorably wigs) or left the safety of the script on long journeys of their own. Luckily both the nights after that were reasonably kerfuffle free. My favourite line from the pantomime "She has beautiful eyes, particularly the blue one, and I love the way they light up when you shine a torch in her ear."

Right now, I'm back in Perth. It's been about a month and a half since we started on this album and on Monday all the audio parts of it were finished. We just have to sort the artwork now. Oh, and I've been writing out the script for Sweet Charity for the theatre in Biggar - so that whoever ends up directing it can edit the script easily. There is nothing like typing a script into a computer which had originally been apparently hand-typed with occasional spelling mistakes, and the grammer-checker is a veritable green spaghetti.

Anyway, I'm still here, oh yes. And the relaxation album/ healing album is finished - I just hope we can get the artwork together tomorrow so that it can be sent off for mastering and duplication. I had a few ideas for blog entries whilst I was without the computer which I will write up soon hopefully.

(I'm back at the misheard lyrics with the titles - this one is "Turn Off The Light" by Nelly Furtado)

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