Tuesday, January 10, 2006

All in all it's just ants, now they're breaking the law

Oooh, my 91st post on here. Is that worth celebrating with a Pink Floyd misheard lyric?

I need to get back in to a normal sort of time zone for the country I’m in. To this end, I’m going to bed after I finish writing this/ listening to the Daily Source-Code podcast (whichever happens first).

The lack of real life human company has been slightly odd but going quite well. It does occur to me that there are medical research places where I could get paid for this kind of thing. Today I caved and ordered take-away curry. It was great, and I feel that is a good thing because there may well be enough left for tomorrow.

It’s been progress-a-go-go on Dream On this week. Whilst I was in Perth I went through a slew of starting a song, then moving on to something else so I’ve spent some time finishing songs off. In some cases rather than finishing, it was more mass deleting prefixed by a “what the hell was I thinking?” thought. Anyway, 27 music pieces to do, and I’ve done 21 of them now. Then I can get on with putting stuff together for sending down to a production company in London about some possible sound design work. Oh, and finishing the Sons Of Thunder live album (5 more songs to go) in time for the 2nd anniversary of it’s recording.

That’ll be plenty to be going on with. That and the 4 remaining episodes of Buffy season 6 (and if anyone else e-mails me with spoilers I shall not be happy). Hope you are all well.

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