Thursday, January 05, 2006

By dawn the window's wet with icy rain

So, they left. It was planned – my parents have gone on holiday and I’m either housesitting or home alone depending who you ask. Rest assured that I have a box of poison and a brick should any burglars turn up, less entertaining but it would have made the movie go by a lot faster. If the hamburglar turns up… well, I haven’t got any. And the nearest McDonalds is 17 miles away.

I should explain the poison (not the Home Alone or old McDonalds ad references, you can look them up yourselves); we maybe have mice about the house. The mice are not actually inside, but this is a country area mice live in the fields and woods nearby. In the winter months, like all sensible creatures, they seek warmer places. Some of them seem to have found the crawlspace under our house, or the attic – we aren’t sure. But we have put some poison down mostly because I don’t need the problem of dealing with mice discovering the delights of the kitchen.

It’s odd being in the house without my parents here. I’ve lived in places on my own several times now, and it’s not a great experience to start with, but I don’t think I’ve ever spent more than a day in this house without at least one parent here.

One way or another a few people I know seem to have been a bit down lately. Seasonally it’s the way, and although there is a lot of rubbish talked about Seasonal Affective Disorder it does actually feel like a national low time especially seeing as Christmas seemed to come and go terribly quickly this time. The annoying thing is that you can’t really talk about it with friends if it’s a vague sort of down feeling about things in general. One way or the other (in my case it’s iTunes shuffle) there seems to be a lot of Ben Folds around for some reason. I might put on Amarok or Tubular Bells II later; they both always make me feel better for some reason. Plus I have Halo 2, Project Gotham 2, the first season of The X-Files, the sixth season of Buffy and the fourth season of The West Wing to work through. Just be sure to avoid the Smiths at all costs, and put that copy of “Songs Of Love and Hate” down right now (it’s a good album, but there is a time and place for such things).

Actually my best theme music for a day like this is “Mysteries” by Beth Gibbons and Rustin Man followed by “Bluebird” by Jim White (the American singer, not the presenter of Scotsport. Is it even still called Scotsport?). Both gorgeous, really gorgeous.

I had not made a new years resolution because I feel that you shouldn’t have to wait for the New Year to resolve to do something good or try to be a better person. However I have stopped downloading every free song available on iTunes just because they are free – I have to like the 30-second preview now and not many are passing this litmus test.

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