Sunday, January 29, 2006

You Can Park Underneath, That's The Wonder Of Cowdenbeath

Look, look I have links and stuff up the right-hand side now! They are all probably links which you've seen before on here, but I have been encouraged to mess with the blog template. One of the things you can do here is completely change the layout of the blog, colours and things, but the content stays as it was. Unless I choose to change that too.

The recording of Dream On is... well it's going to be a lot of work, but when we started on it this week it was good fun actually. The first thing we've recorded was the rap piece which was kind of the one which was worrying me the most - whether the performers we had would be able to pull it off. I can say that I've not yet seen it with movement, but they were doing it pretty well sitting in one of the dressing rooms with microphones. There was a bit of minimal editing to do afterwards, mostly because in the name of completeness I recorded about 9 takes, but it's a good start Mental note: record less and the editing becomes easier.

The second day of recording went less well, mainly because all the performers were tied up (not literally, but I'm not ruling it out in the medium-term) learning choreography for the opening numbers of the first and second halves. About an hour after the rehearsal finished I managed to record some flute so that was worthwhile at least. The one problem was that the flute was a little quieter than the rappers from the night before and the noise from Biggar High street became a problem. I about 3 bars of flute due the rumble of a passing bus, and wasn't able to snippet together a perfect version from the 2 takes we recorded. Mental note: record enough to be able to edit stuff from.

Hopefully that a happy medium in terms of recording coverage will be forthcoming.

The next night was spent in the theatre again, finalising some edits to reference music for "Sweet Charity." There will be an actual band for the performances but at this early stage many rehearsals are based on the soundtrack recording. Only not all of the soundtrack recording is being used, hence the editing. That sort of editing is actually quite fun; normally I would say that this is probably a symptom of my needing to get more, but I've had a few seperate instances of satisfaction from an edit which no one would hopefully notice.

More on this as it happens. And I might add more links too. And a counter because I have no idea if anyone is actually reading this stuff.

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