Thursday, February 02, 2006

The best thing about a bee in a walkman

Is it bad to look back at your own blog and laugh? I did today. I was looking for the next bit I’m going to talk/write about and I found the stuff about that “Overheard On The Underground” site – and my list of favourite quotes from it. Technically at least, then, I didn’t actually write the bits I’m now laughing at – this makes me feel better.

Anyway, the bit I really wanted to talk about was the photo from Borders in Leeds where apparently the staff need training in that reading thing.

In a recent clearout I found a similarly themed typo from my old high school which I’d obviously liked enough to keep to one side. Needless to say that now it’s in iPhoto, I’ve thrown out the original.

I’d also recently been inspired to go through my blog after I set up the counter. This thing tells me all sorts of details – when people visit this site I can find out where their ISP was, what sort of computer they were using, and (this is my point here) which page sent them here. There have been some weird ones, my favourite being the person from Denver Colorado, who found this blog by putting the following terms into MSN “Shania Twain” and “wooden leg.” Searching through the blog I found out where this came in – the aforementioned Overheard On The Underground quotes (wow, it’s almost like I thought this through beforehand). And whilst going through the blog I’ve been copying and pasting it into a Word file so that I have a copy of it myself, someone pointed out that in theory blogspot/ blogger could suddenly vanish and the blog would go with it. So now I have a copy of the whole thing. And an excuse to use a Shania Twain misheard lyric as the title.

Other fun things I’ve found: the trail I leave on the Internet leads to West Berkshire – 370 miles (or about 6 hours driving) away from where I actually am, the ISP for South Lanarkshire Council is in North Lanarkshire. OK, so maybe “fun” was being used in it’s loosest sense there.

Anyway, I’m faintly surprised at how many people are actually looking in at this site so I might well try to write a bit more for you to read. Thank you for reading.

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