Tuesday, February 07, 2006

A Brief Rant

Here is one of the things I don’t understand about advertising on television: at whom are they aiming exactly? If the makers of a commercial feel the need to simplify bacteria down to good or bad (ignoring the more formal groupings of Gracilicutes, Firmicutes and Mollicutes) then why do they then presume that the average person will immediately recognize “L. casei Immunitas”?

(It's a manufacturered probiotic strain of lactic bacteria if you are interested. The evil-Nestlé equivalent is "L. johnsonii La-1," Yakult have "L. casei Shirota" and "B. breve strain Yakult".)

Who exactly understands a typical perfume advert? Why did Marks and Spencer have to spoil “Albatross” by Fleetwood Mac forevermore?

Actually my main beef with advertising just now is with the stuff for Valentine’s Day. Whenever I sign into my e-mail, myspace, eBay… adverts appear telling me that I should buy romantic gifts or use a particular dating site (as it’s obviously a mortal social sin to be single around the festival of Lupercalia… sorry, St Valentine. Hmm… ancient Rome’s god of fertility had a celebration on the 15th of Feb, and the Catholic St Valentine day is on the 14th… coincidence?). Is anyone honestly buying a present for his or her loved one on eBay? If so, is that lingerie, chocolates or roses? Advertising via e-mail has been just as bad – Apple, Tesco, and Game (of all people - and they linked up with Ann Summers and Chocolat Hotels for a related competition) have been sending me Valentine’s Day-related stuff.

Of course it could be worse, surely it’s only a matter of time before St Valentine’s Day is anxiously divorced from it’s Catholic church roots – in 2003 a Nickelodeon special referred to the card-and-rose-selling-excuse as “Love Day.”

Ok, I’m done with my rant now. This is much cheaper than seeing a therapist. Of course a therapist can’t really argue back, apparently they just ask “and how did that make you feel?”

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