Thursday, February 23, 2006

Crying bicycles instead of tears.

(If you can figure out which song it's from, leave it as a comment. Don't phone, it's just for fun)

Sometimes blog entries flow really easily and I can just sit down and rattle one out (so to speak); other times I can feel the shape of things I want to write but it takes a little more work to actually get it down; then there are times when I can’t be bothered – I feel increasingly that nothing I’ve done or thought about could possibly be of interest to anyone else. I’ve realised how comparatively lazy I am with regard to blogging, when some of my friends and acquaintances update theirs daily (although often, it seems, as a prelude to spending the rest of the day writing for a living).

Tuesday night was the one of the big ones for me – I’d been allowed one of the “Dream On rehearsal sessions just to record all the chorus parts for the whole show. I’d been touting it as a project that shouldn’t reasonably take longer than an hour if everything was perfect first time. Of course, it wasn’t, and the whole thing took two hours – and even then people expressed amazement that we rattled through it that quickly. We did manage to tidy up a lot of little bits and bobs that had been put to one side during rehearsals with dialogue and movement and left at the side somewhere. I’m reasonably confident that when I come to go through the big darn mess of audio files dotted all over the place that I’ll be able to make something reasonably intelligible from it. Here’s hoping anyway. Normally with something like this I’d be straight into looking through all the files and things as soon as I got back from the recording, but this time all I did was make a complete copy of everything by way of backup (I am NOT doing all that recording again) and go to bed pretty much.

Most of today was spent working on stuff for “The Best Snow For Skiing” – this is the play written for radio which is being performed for Biggar Museum’s AGM on Friday night and consists of two people reading from a script as if performing on radio. I will be either backstage or on the stage (the writer will be in the audience so that bit is up to her really) doing sound effects – mostly live – with a variety of bottles with glasses, a tub of rice and a spoon, a pair of shoes, a crisp bag, and a 2-foot fake door. The non-live sound effects will be from a CD player and (likely) the good-ol’ powerbook: these include various dog vocalisations, wind, a fire crackling, snow falling off a roof (created in my parent’s freezer), and some of the ambient sounds recorded at university last year (appearing in a public for, I believe, the very first time). Hopefully it’ll go well, I’m sort of aware that the last time I took to the stage in Biggar doing anything dramatic I was about 15; people have learned their numbers, times-tables, and read the complete works of Roald Dahl and J.K Rowling in that time.

The plan for tomorrow is to finish the stuff I need for “Best Snow…” which is mostly organisational now (e.g. how can I operate two shoes whilst starting the noise of a dog snarling), and get into the editing for “Dream On.” Oooh, and the neck is much better.


Linda Gillespie said...

Iknow! Iknow! It's a Meatloaf one... don't tell me..... it's.... it's.... Two out of Three Ain't Bad ain't it?

Matthew Cochrane said...

Quite right... (sorry it took me so long to point that out, by the way)