Monday, February 13, 2006

Refusing Me The Pleasure Of The View

The 100th post on the blog… woo hoo. I only wish it wasn’t a whiney one, but I’m feeling crappy. Something has happened to my neck and I don’t know what. I had a headache on Thursday and on Friday my neck was sore; as if I’d been sleeping in a weird position but it lasted all day. On Friday night my first ever ibuprofen, then Saturday and Sunday were awful. I’m not entirely sure what is wrong with the neck, but I suspect that something muscular at the back I swollen. The overall effect is that I can lie down, sit down, wander about and am completely unable to get comfortable anywhere. On the plus side I spent quite a while on Saturday watching the first day of events at the winter Olympics: the luge event is always worth a look. I can’t wait for the bobsleigh.

The main negative of the neck thing is that I’m suffering a lack of concentration: by way of an example, this is the third time I’ve started writing this blog entry, which can’t be a good sign. But I rattled off a blog entry over on myspace about the Michael Stipe cover of Joseph Arthur’s “In The Sun” so I’m hoping I can finish this time.

I’ve been looking at the site counter more and it’s been re-assuring. Amusingly quite a few people seem to find this blog when searching for something else; here are a few of the terms people had entered into search engines and found this:
"Ann Summers"
"Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan MP3"
"2sides2everything New Album"
"Talking Fingers"(and I feel bad here because this is also the name of an application to teach young people phonics, spelling, “keyboarding” and word processing: it has facilities for students with learning disabilities and I feel I should at least mention it's existence here in case anyone else comes looking.)
"Shania Twain" +"wooden leg"

I like how disparate those topics are - Shania Twain + Wooden leg particularly, I hope the person wasn’t looking for photographic evidence.

In other news, the finished sound effects list for “Best Snow For Skiing” ran to about three hand-written pages, my next step there will be to figure out what I can perform as foley sound effects, and what will need to be pre-recorded.

The Dream On vocal recording may or may not continue on Wednesday depending how the neck thing goes – if it’s gone and I’m no longer walking like an extra from “Dawn Of The Dead” then I’ll get something done hopefully. The last recording session went really well, but the rehearsal the following night was… mixed. We got through the second half quickly in terms of music but there is a lot still to do, and a couple of fresh problems to sort out: suffice to say it was a challenge for everyone. Having said that, it was great to see the reaction of the cast to this music as they hear it roughly in context. Hero Or Villain is shaping up to the bombastic opening to the second half that I had in mind when I recorded it back in September during the sojourn to Pittenweem. It’s so odd hearing it whilst watching the choreography.

I did some more Sons Of Thunder mixes last week whilst trying out a new reverb program… more music-making toys wanting the attention of my credit card. I plan to hold it back until some money starts rolling in from somewhere.

I loved the statistic that more people were watching American Idle (sorry, “Idol”) than the Grammy awards in the USA. That shows where the interests of the people lie…

Oh, and (for David’s benefit) the last blog entry title was a misheard lyric from a song by Cream, and it was “Anyone For Tennis”; the lyric should have been “The yellow Buddhist monk is burning brightly at the zoo.”

So there you go, a hundred blog entries…

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