Thursday, March 23, 2006

Another turnip on a fork stuck in the road.

I wrote this last night, but blogger was down so I'm just posting it just now:

One down, three to go.

Tonight was the opening night of Dream On and it went pretty well. In fact, it went pretty quickly – we started at about 7.40pm and finished at 9.30-ish. A couple of hiccups (hiccoughs?) on my part included forgetting to include a short fanfare on the CD I burned for the show. We also had a couple of problems with the radios we use for communication but it looks like we have them sorted now. Burning another CD tomorrow will sort the other problem, but I’m sure the actors will keep finding fresh challenges to throw at us.

The performers are all doing very well and serious kudos to our late-replacement Oberon. Also they have almost been working on that stuff for so long that their presence is almost a given, but the lighting team have a lot to keep track of and almost always get everything right (it’s telling that quite a few people commented on the one time they got something wrong). Of the four people up in the gallery two of them are under the age of 12 – it impresses me how enthusiastic they are.

Tonight the recording for the Dream On cast CD was completed, and it was made in the gallery as the audience were still leaving. That leaves a pretty impressive list of places recordings were made for this CD – my bedroom, the house we rented in Pittenweem, the flat I stayed in whilst in Perth, pretty much every room of the theatre in Biggar, and the study of one of the actors (she lived quite close to where I live so it didn’t make sense for us to both go to Biggar for an hour – importantly, her parents were in and present at the time). The vocal recording from last night was fun, I was working with some of the older members of the cast who had asked if I could give them a copy of their main song to listen to for rehearsal. I mixed the song as soon as I got back, and it actually sounds pretty good as it is – it may not need further work. It’s still my plan to try to have the cast CD ready for next week, when we watch the video of the show (which is to be recorded later this week).

I’d been holding off a bit on putting a new blog entry to see if anyone was going to get the last misheard lyric (further hint: Texas). Oh, if anyone is interested my “Free Sex” experiment didn’t go so well. David Bishop mentioned that he received some increased traffic but he had it as the title of his post that day so maybe that’s the secret. I did have a lot of hits one day last week which I checked out, but it turned out that was me copying and pasting blog entries and comments by way of backup.

The start of this week was the vernal Equinox – the time in spring when the day and night time are (in theory) the same length. I like to think of that as a kind of centre-point of a see-saw, or at least a pivot, and in many ways it has been. I’ve drawn a line under lots of half-finshed projects. Lots of postage, it’ll be interesting to see what comes of it. Some of it was just my paying my Audio Engineering Society membership, but some was the last proof-of-bill-payment which should let us finally retrieve our deposits from the letting agency in Leeds.

Anyway, I’m heading well into ramble-land now so I’ll stop and go to bed. Tomorrow I have to burn another CD for the show, maybe even get through more of the cast CD too. It’s a busy life and no mistake.

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Now, that I know! Tine Of Your Life - Green Day.