Monday, March 06, 2006

Burning Up The Trees On Every Lawn

Things are progressing quite well with Dream On. It felt good yesterday to finally get the lights up (although we had to put all the elements of the Dream On staging back on the stage and remove all the chairs that had been left there so that we could lower the beams which the lights mount on, and then set what the lights actually should point at). I’m not actually doing the lights, but I can operate ropes and wire plugs so I was able to help with that side of things. The lights are up and working now, and plugged in such a way that they can be controlled from the gallery. The only other installation I want to make is putting in an extra set of speakers so they can hear the music on the stage rather than the performers just hearing what is reflected back from the audience.

We also got to discus the idea of putting microphone backstage so that the backstage actors could help boost the sound of the on-stage chorus – it looks like we might try that. Hopefully it’ll encourage the people backstage to sing as well, rather than talking amongst themselves with gradually increasing volume.

More recording for the CD with small groups tomorrow night: four principal characters performing 8 songs between them (although in some cases it’s just one or two lines in each song – in particular the last song of the first half which is slowly forming like a crystal growing on a paperclip). With only two weeks and two days until curtain up, it could be a rush to get this CD recorded in time for the show – much less mixed and duplicated for a short run (this is a cast-only CD).

In other news there was some awards ceremony last night apparently, and over at Google Video some people wonder what the iPod might look like if Microsoft had made it. Google Video Link

Oh, by the way, I'm doing Elton John misheard lyrics just now.


Linda Gillespie said...

And Rocket Man? Took a few minutes this one, don't know why!

Anonymous said...

Linda, you're just too fast at this!