Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Dreaming of my sherry and my aubergines

Today was a mixed bag in all. The recording stuff went mostly well… I say mostly because we rattled through some of the songs but then spent half an hour on three lines. That led to me deciding that it might be an idea to work on the songs more before the show opens in two weeks.

But my moment came earlier in the day. Back before Christmas I’d had some of the near-legendary copious spare time and used it to try “mashing-up” Madonna’s Abba-sampling Hung Up with New Order’s synth-tastic Blue Monday – it was an idea I’d had and I wanted to try to make it work. I’m assuming prior knowledge of the “mash-up” thing, it’s where someone takes several pieces from songs and sticks them together or on top of each other. I often use it as a way to show how one song sounds like another (most of the “Black Cherry” album by Goldfrapp and Some Girls by Rachel Stevens, the hymn Amazing Grace and Never Ever by All Saints). Anyway, I’d done this combination and posted an MP3 on my iDisk to share with some friends -– particularly Malek who is a big Madonna fan. I called it Hung Up On A Blue Monday, and I left it to go back to later. I didn’t go back to it later, and recently I removed it from the iDisk. Then I today heard about a white label vinyl kicking around independent record stores, a mash-up of Hung Up mixed with Blue Monday. “Hang On,” I think, “I recognize that.” Well I have no idea what this 12” sounds like, but it’s not completely out of the question that someone could have heard the MP3 from my iDisk and pinched the idea. I’m irked because I didn’t think there could be money in such things (strictly speaking, it is a illegal to sell them if you haven’t cleared the rights. Good luck clearing rights from Madonna and New Order…), yet the record is selling for £8 and I feel I should be getting a cut. Ah well.

Next time I put stuff on the iDisk which is at all original in terms of thought I think I’ll be using a password. Tomorrow: editing. Lots of editing. Probably some pitch correction too. Then more recording/ rehearsal in the evening. My mad and crazy life.

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That's got to be Crocodile Rock