Monday, March 27, 2006

Give me your largest thumb and I will heat it

Well, that’s over then. The final night of Dream On was on Saturday and went swimmingly well. Other stuff that happened at the weekend was less good, but it’s all being dealt with now really. The show went much better than expected really, I’d been quite up about it in general but was feeling less so around the time of the dress/ tech rehearsals.

I’ve noticed this with the last couple of shows I’ve been involved with, we get to dress rehearsal and suddenly things look a mite despondent for some reason; I get moody and wonder why I started in the first place. But it’s definitely different with an audience, there is a bit more of an edge to things. I loved the buzz in the room during the opening of the second half, it’s that kind of thing which reminds you why you do it. Of course the vocal performances on the stage with the audience there were better than the recordings we have from the dressing-room recording sessions, but the stuff we recorded is sounding pretty good all things considered.

So now it’s a rush to get as much of the cast recording CD finished as possible for this Wednesday night when we are showing the video of the show to the cast. That way they could also hear some of the music before (hopefully) placing an order for the CD. We are going to charge, but only to cover the production costs of the CD (not for my time, because the theatre workshop is a charity). That should cover the rest of this week, as well as trying to tidy things up before whatever happens next happens.

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Linda Gillespie said...

This is from Fame and Fortune by Malcolm Sircom!!!! Sorry David you weren't to know!!! Yee hah!