Sunday, March 05, 2006

I never neutered a valentine and I guess that I never will

This has been one of those weeks when there have been several things in my head that I’ve been meaning to sit and bash out a blog entry about, and I haven’t. I sit down at the computer and find either that the inspiration vanishes or I find something else to do.

The main thing behind me writing this right now is vitriol at the Eurovision selection stuff. I heard all the entries during this week on the radio (I was doing work at the same time, ok?) and none of them would have received more than 3 Matthew stars out of 10, they were all awful. The song that I hated the most was the one with the sampled (and pitched-up, by the sound of things) children. After seeing a segment via the BBC website with a short interview with “MC Daz” (I mean… honestly) who seems to be spreading as he hits his mid 30s, and puts the self-confidence of Darius to shame. Actually, watching the excerpt from his “performance” I think the women dressed in schoolgirl outfits might just have had something to do with people (maybe men too) reaching for their telephones. Or was it the whole nation having a laugh?

So why are the Eurovision songs so bad? How can we pick a good song when the options are all terrible? My only guess is that when someone writes a good song they don’t want it to go to Eurovision: not many music acts recover from being a Eurovision entry, although there some notable exceptions (Abba, Cliff Richard, t.A.T.u… well, sort of, etc.) Much better to keep your good songs, bring out an album and have it go triple platinum, which must be about 1000 sales or something by now.

It’s been suggested by a couple of friends -– mostly, I'd hope, jokingly – that I should try to put something together for the Eurovision competition under a pseudonym with some hot-looking front person either singing or miming. But I don’t think I would ever do it: mostly because I don’t particularly want to, but also because part of me worries that it might do really well. I was amazingly surprised when a song I co-wrote at high school with a friend ended up doing quite well in a Strathclyde Police-run competition. Indirectly it was performing that song at the local theatre that led to my parent’s involvement in the theatre.

Anyway, with more ideas a-buzzing I might try to do a few more blog entries soon. I did toy with the idea of trying to do an entry each day, but I still don’t think I have enough material. I may step things up a notch though and try for (possibly) shorter posts but more of them. Feel free to let me know what you guys would prefer. I know some of you only check this once or twice a week because until now I haven’t been posting more often than that.

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Linda Gillespie said...

Crocodile Rock! I like this game! Keep 'em comin'!